When to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System

When it comes to surviving in Arizona, HVAC systems are non-negotiable. For businesses and homeowners alike, an outdated or faulty HVAC system can lead to problems that can be undesirable, to say the least! HVAC issues can interrupt business continuity, make a workplace uncomfortable, or require you to shut the doors altogether. Stay one step ahead of any issues by keeping an eye on your system for early signs of problems!

Commercial HVAC systems typically last 15 to 17 years, after which they start to deteriorate rapidly. While HVAC systems make living in climates like Arizona comfortable, they also require ongoing investment due to occasional malfunctions and inefficient cooling and heating. As a result, many people believe that changing a commercial HVAC system is preferable to sticking it out with an older model.

Wondering how your HVAC system is holding up? Here is a list of warning signs that indicate your system may need some attention.

replace HVACRust: Rust is one of the more obvious symptoms of a system issue, typically. When you see brownish-red rust on the external compartments of heaters or air conditioners, this is likely to lead to further issues with the HVAC system’s effectiveness and general maintenance. In other words, the moment the system starts to rust, the clock is ticking.

Decreased Efficiency: This describes a decline in the system’s effectiveness. The wear and tear that has developed throughout its operation for more than 15 years becomes evident when the cooling or heating components cannot sustain the proper temperature for an extended period. At the end of the month, one will also notice a sharp spike in their energy costs in addition to the decreased efficiency.

Malfunctioning: The frequency of maintenance the system needs may also increase. This may include fuses that frequently blow or a rusted motor that needs lubrication. Another common cause of failure in an aging HVAC system is dirty filters. With furnaces, problems with the fan are also possible. Although many of these situations are easily resolved, they can also hint at an underlying problem that might need to be addressed.

Reduced performance: An unexpected side effect of having an inefficient HVAC is unhappy staff. Employers who want to give their staff the best chances of being content and productive will create a comfortable working environment. The effectiveness of the business as a whole may suffer from a broken HVAC system.

Non-compliance: The government has also been stern with the use and upkeep of equipment in houses and workplaces. Old or faulty systems might discharge a range of dangerous gases while running. According to the EPA, R-22, a dangerous refrigerant, is used in some older HVAC systems manufactured before 2010. This had disastrous effects on the ozone and was consequently banned.

While HVAC systems don’t live forever, regular care and maintenance can ensure they run optimally as long as possible. Whether you need a new system or just some routine care, Martin Air has got you covered.

New Installation, Upgrades, Or Replacement

Your heating and cooling system is most likely the largest use of energy in your home or business. Interestingly, over a third of the total energy use in the United States goes to heating and cooling buildings. Making sure your heating and cooling system is properly designed and installed has the biggest impact on your energy costs.
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