How Does AC Maintenance Save You Money and Is It Worth the Cost?

Phoenix air conditioners work harder and longer than virtually anywhere else in the country. Making sure yours is functioning optimally will ensure that you stay comfortable year-round and keep bills at a minimum. Routine AC maintenance ensures your air conditioning’s efficiency in addition to extending its service life, lowering repair costs, and preventing unexpected malfunctions. The greatest benefit, though, is the assurance that your home will remain cool and comfortable during the sweltering Arizona summers!

According to studies, an AC unit that is inspected and tuned up once a year retains 95 percent of its efficiency throughout its service life. If untended, they’ll lose an average of 5 percent of their efficiency every year. This yearly reduction means that a 20 SEER air conditioning system can be reduced to a 15 SEER system in just four years if it is not maintained.

AC systems benefit from routine maintenance in a variety of ways and is absolutely worth the cost:

Repairs Are Cheaper

Regular AC system inspections and maintenance increase your chances of detecting minor issues before they worsen and cause irreversible harm to your unit.

Sometimes, a spike in utility bills can be the only sign something is amiss. Unfortunately, little faults will reduce the system’s efficiency and lifespan. Routine maintenance can catch these issues and keep repair costs at a minimum.

Energy And Utility Costs Are LowerAC cost

As your system runs, dirt and dust collect in vital areas, reducing efficiency. When this buildup occurs, your system is unable to perform to its maximum capability, resulting in higher utility expenses. This buildup may be avoided with regular AC maintenance, lowering your utility outlays, and improving your interior air quality.

In addition, maintenance fixes loose connections and ensures that the electrical system is running at peak efficiency and not sucking power away. Read our article on how to make your home more energy efficient here.

Your Unit will Last Longer

Regular maintenance has been shown to improve the lifespan of a unit by up to five years. Remember that a broken or damaged AC unit will not only malfunction and perform poorly, but it will also result in unexpected extra costs for repairs, power, and replacements.

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