Six Questions to Ask When Hiring an HVAC Contractor

As with any home contractor, trust is essential. After all, this company will send people to your home and expect them to ensure its most crucial systems are safe, reliable, and functioning. But choosing a contractor is about more than finding someone nearby with a few good reviews. Here are our tips on how to find a company that will go the extra mile, and provides the best service for your buck.

1. Are They Licensed, Insured, and Certified?

Most states have implemented licensing and insurance requirements for HVAC contractors. This provides peace of mind that anyone who works on the equipment has the appropriate training and coverage if an accident takes place. Extra ACE certification only further assists a contractor’s ability to supply high-quality service. This also ensures that the company has done its due diligence, plays by the rules, and has its ducks in a row–all critical before trusting them with your home’s HVAC system.

2. How is Their Experience And Reputation?

While the length of time in business alone doesn’t promise a contractor will do a good job, it does show that they are capable enough to remain in business for the long term. If you can, look up the business online to verify that they are being honest about their experience. It is also wise to read reviews on Google and other independent review sites. You might get a fair idea of what to anticipate by reading reviews from prior clients.

For even more specific answers, ask potential contractors if they would be willing to put you in touch with past customers. As you get in touch with these references and read online reviews, seek out answers to these questions:

  • Did the contractor finish the job on time?
  • Did the contractor leave the customer feeling satisfied?
  • Was the overall bill the same amount as the initial estimate?
  • Was the customer service responsive and courteous?

3. Are New Technicians Background-Checked And Drug-Tested?

When anyone is working in or around your home, knowing they have been screened can give you confidence and peace of mind. HVAC technicians must be professional, reliable, and safe to have around your family. Knowing that the business selects its employees with care is essential.

4. Can They Assess the Entire Home Comfort System?

Hopefully, your HVAC system only needs minor repairs or maintenance. But occasionally, you’ll be in the market for a new system or an upgrade. That said, it isn’t enough to simply swap out one furnace and air conditioner for another. After all, an HVAC system is only as efficient as the ductwork it’s attached to. So if you’re thinking about HVAC replacement, ask potential contractors a few questions:

  • Do you complete heat loss/gain evaluations?
  • Do you assess insulation levels and air leaks?
  • Do you determine the duct system to ensure proper sizing and configuration?

5. Can I Get an Estimate in Writing?

An itemized, written estimate is crucial when reviewing bids from various HVAC contractors. Try to get a company that provides free estimates and transparent, direct pricing, and one that responds promptly to your request for information. Also, ask whether the company charges by the hour or per job so you know what to expect. Just remember that the lowest bid isn’t always the best deal, especially if it’s dramatically lower than others. Odds are the contractor may try to cut corners to keep the price low or surprise you with hidden costs at the job’s completion.

6. Do You Have Any Special Promotions?

Upgrading, repairing, or replacing an HVAC system isn’t always cheap. That’s why it’s wise to inquire about any savings or promotions you could qualify for when repairing or replacing your HVAC system. Also, you may want to enquire about what financing and leasing options the contractor offers to defer the cost of your HVAC services.

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