5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Air Quality

You may not realize it, but the air inside your house is likely holding more pollution than the air outside. These pollutants can aggravate seasonal allergies and respiratory conditions. Thankfully, attending to your home’s air quality isn’t as demanding as you might expect, and with just a few easy, thoughtful steps, you can lower the odds that these headaches and allergens will trouble your family. Read on for five steps to improve your home’s air quality:

Keep it Clean

Frequent cleaning to remove dust, debris and dirt is a simple way to greatly improve the quality of the air in your space. This includes dusting, vacuuming, and mopping the areas of your home that are most likely to collect dirt and dust. If you have pets, you’ll also take care of loose fluff and pet dander.

Taking steps to pick up around the outside of your home is also very helpful, particularly around the places where your HVAC system is housed. Remove leftover leaves and lawn debris plus any mold or mildew, should you see any. With this consistent cleaning, you’ll get rid of irritants before they have a chance to flow throughout your HVAC system.

Consider Ditching Synthetic Scents

Even though they fill your house with a lovely aroma, many common air fresheners include chemicals that can unfavorably impact your home’s air quality. But it can be nearly impossible to maneuver the complex claims many organizations make about the safety of their merchandise. To bypass these nuisances totally, choose sprays that are non- aerosol and aren’t made with chemical scents. However, if you just need that fresh lemony fragrance, give baking soda and fresh-bought lemons a chance! This natural option produces an enjoyable fragrance and is great for air quality. Potpourri and other organic products are also great options if you are looking for fresh smelling air without all the chemical ingredients.

air plantsGo Green

Adding one or two live plants to your space is another fantastic, natural method to improve the quality of air in your HVAC. There are tons of stylish plants that not only look great but absorb a variety of common airborne pollutants. Do some research on the best air-cleaning plants that work for the levels of light in your house. If you don’t have a green thumb, there are plenty of low-maintenance options that can freshen your decor and air quality at the same time! If you have furry friends, be sure to take caution, as some plants are toxic.

Regularly Check and Change Air Filters

As you might imagine, the air filters in your home play a huge part in keeping up the quality of air that circulates throughout your house. Picking the correct filter for your home can help collect and remove dust, debris, and allergens from your home comfort system, keeping the quality of air top-notch. But that’s only part of the battle. Routine seasonal maintenance, cleaning, and changing of your filter can ensure cleaner, healthier air for years to come, while allowing your HVAC system to work at peak efficiency.

Work with a Professional

The skilled, insured, and fully-trained technicians at Martin Air realize how important it is to keep your home’s air and HVAC free of pollutants, allergens, and other debris. We’ll work around the clock to keep it that way and keep your family comfortable.

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