4 Tips For Reducing HVAC Energy Costs During Hot Arizona Summers

summer savingAs temps in the Phoenix area soar during summer, many households are seeing energy prices spike as a result of their non-stop AC use (and overall higher costs for everything)! For conscientious homeowners looking to curtail costs in the long- and short-term, there are two approaches to take – investing and energy saving.

Although investing comes with initial pain, in the long run, it will save you money. Naturally, some people cannot afford the outlay for big improvements, but thankfully less expensive options are also available. In a perfect world, a homeowner would take a multi-pronged approach, relying on both the more expensive and less expensive interventions to enhance efficiency, but individual budgets will determine what is feasible. But take heart–any improvement can lead to small but significant changes and savings to your energy bill over time! Here are our 4 energy saving tips for summer:

Tip #1: Invest in New Technology

Investing in a brand-new, energy-efficient air conditioning system is the most efficient approach to reducing your energy expenditures. Your energy costs will drop significantly, especially in the summer, if you replace outdated units with energy-efficient ones. Modern versions use a lot less energy to produce the same amount of cooling, whether they are window units or central air  conditioners.

A smart thermostat is another technology investment you can make that is significantly less expensive than buying new units, which are obviously costly. Through a smartphone, these thermostats may be managed while you are away from the house. While you are at work during the day, you can program your thermostat to turn down the air conditioning, and then schedule it to return to your preferred temp before you arrive home.

Tip #2: Window Improvements

The amount of money you spend on energy throughout the summer and winter can be greatly reduced by switching from single-paned to double-paned windows. Compared to single-paned windows, double-paned windows offer substantially superior insulation. This implies that during the summer they maintain cool temps inside and leave hot air outside, while during the winter they do the reverse, to keeping your home more comfortable year-round.

energy savingAnother option is insulated curtains—a substantially less expensive option as compared to new windows, as the latter can run into the thousands. There are blackout curtains that block the summer sun from entering the room and thermal curtains that insulate rooms all year long. It’s crucial that you pay attention to what you buy because while many thermal curtains are also blackout curtains, not all blackout curtains are thermal curtains. Both, however, are very affordable and quite effective.

If the initial outlay of costs isn’t in the cards for you, there are other, less expensive strategies to reduce your energy bill.


Tip #3: Move The Air Around Your House

This straightforward tactic will allow your home to cool more quickly, particularly if it has multiple levels. Hot air has a tendency to rise to the ceiling and upward because it is less dense than cool air. An easy fix for this is to turn on a ceiling fan. By using a fan, you may evenly spread the warm, light air and the cool, dense air around your home. As a result, your air conditioner will need to run for less time to produce the same effects, resulting in great summer energy savings.

Tip #4: Reduce Resistance for Summer

“Work smarter, not harder.” Your air conditioning system is a perfect example of this adage. Your system will use less energy to cool your house if the air passing through it has less resistance. Make sure nothing is blocking your vents and keep them open. This could be dust, furniture, curtains, or pet hair. Regularly check the cleanliness and condition of the ducting. The system will likely use less energy to circulate cold air through your home if the filter is clean. (Check out our article on how dust and dirt affect your system here.)

Of course, to get the most out of your HVAC system, including energy saving, regular services to ensure maximum efficacy are suggested. Our team can replace filters, detect small maintenance issues before they become big ones, and make suggestions on how to run your system for optimal comfort at minimal cost.

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