4 Signs Your AC Might Need Repair

Summer is almost here! Don’t be caught on the back foot during the season’s high temps – keep a watchful eye out for signs your AC might need repair. Read on for more…

1. Inadequate Air Flow

Every room in your house should be effectively cooled by the AC. If some rooms feel cooler and others warmer, there may be an issue with the air conditioning. With airflow issues, the ductwork is usually the culprit. Before contacting a professional for ductwork repair, inspect the vents that aren’t working properly. A closed air register or obstruction in the vent could be the cause of your AC problem. If you have to remove the vent to clear the obstruction, make sure you replace it and leave it open so that the air can flow freely. If the AC continues to malfunction, you should seek professional assistance for repair.

2. Warm Air Blowing

If your system is working, but blows warm air, there could be a significant problem with it, or the refrigerant level could be low. First check to ensure thermostats are correctly programmed and that the filters are clean, as dirty filters or misprogrammed thermostats could be affecting the AC unit’s performance.

3. Strange Sounds

Squealing or grunting sounds from your AC could indicate a problem with the condensing fan motor or the compressor and require repair. To avoid a complete system shutdown, you should seek professional assistance as soon as feasible.

4. System Rapidly Turning On And Off

If your air conditioner is cycling on and off quickly or at random, it may be due to what is called short cycling. Again, a good first port of call is making sure the filters are clean. If the filters are in good working order, there may be a more significant issue that is best addressed by a specialist.

Common AC Problems and Solutions

filter repairFilters

Filters that are dirty or clogged are the most common cause of air conditioner failure. To avoid this, make sure to change the filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. A good way to check if they are due for a cleaning is to see if light passes through the filter. If no light passes through, it should be cleaned or replaced.


The thermostat is responsible for maintaining comfortable home temperatures. As such, make sure the settings are optimal for your preferences, and that the thermostat is functioning properly. If the issues with heating or cooling persist, a professional can address both your system and thermostat to assess the problem.

Refrigerant Leaks

If the air conditioner’s coolant begins to leak, the entire device will fail. This will result in temperature swings. Having your AC unit checked by a trained technician once a year can save you big money in the long run.


Dust, lint, and grime may have clogged the drainage pipe. The drain pan will become overfull, causing water to flow out. This could harm the AC unit, as well as anything near the pan.

Damaged Contactor

In an air conditioner, contactors are found in the blower motor, condenser fan motor, and compressor. They link the compressor and the motors to the electrical system. If there is pitting and arching on the contractor, it becomes incredibly difficult for the electrical current to start the motors.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off AC Repairs

Most Arizona homeowners have invested lots of time and equity in their properties. Although you can’t control the cost of electricity or your HVAC system, you can guarantee that your costs are kept to a minimum by performing minor repairs before they turn into serious issues.

Here are some reasons why you should never put off air conditioning repairs:


Energy efficiency and comfort are priorities. Not maintaining your system will affect both.


Minor fixes can turn into major ones if left unattended, both costing you money and reducing the system’s longevity. Caring for your investment means routine maintenance and repair.


Your HVAC is the heartbeat of a comfortable home. Should it break down, your comfort is the first thing to go, followed shortly by your money! Simple maintenance extends the life of your system and keeps your family comfy, come rain or shine!

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